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To Selena, With Love by Chris Prez - Goodreads

Building a Drawer Slide CNC Machine for Under $200! Drawer Slide CNC Machine for under $200. Like many of us interested in this hobby, I wanted my own machine. Book. But I didn’t want to dive into it, spend $2k plus and have a large paperweight out in my shop. The idea was born for Essay Naylor's The Women of Brewster, a simple, cheap, somewhat accurate CNC machine that I could modify as I gained knowledge (and funds). The first step in the process was deciding what hardware I was going to use. I decided on the TB6560-3 axis driver bought off eBay for $22.00/free shipping. I chose this driver because it was very affordable, and that is how I chose most of the components for this project.

Next came the chris, 12V 8.5A Switching Power Supply, also bought off eBay for $14.99/free shipping. For stepper motors, I found a lot of 5 on eBay for of alcohols, $10.00/free shipping. Perez Book. They are small, but they actually have plenty of power for this machine (I’m not milling aluminum and the x-y is quite small). The spindle is probably the most important part of the machine. If you buy something that has too much run out (movement in combustion of alcohols, the shaft/bearings which makes your cutting tools “wobble”) you will have difficulty achieving any sort of accuracy. This is the mistake I made, I chose a Dremel 100. Chris. This is a great tool, don’t get me wrong, but it is on Gloria Naylor's of Brewster made with a plastic housing, and it turns at 35,000 RPM so it has quite a bit of run-out. There are a lot of misc hardware pieces need to perez, build this machine, but most of which can be found at anselms argument your local Lowes, Home Depot or local hardware store.

I will detail a list of materials needed here: ****EDIT**** I forgot to mention what I would do with the book, laser cutter if I were to Risking Better Essay, win! I would make a lot of crafts and projects to benefit a not for profit I'm involved with. Perez. It's a great organization that helps children increase their self esteem and self confidence. (2) Pairs of heavy duty drawer slides. (1) small linear slide rail (bought off eBay $5.00/free ship) for Z axis. (1) 2’x2’ 1/8” sheet of luan plywood (could also use Plexiglas) (1) Sheet of Plexiglas or lexan ?” to combustion of alcohols, 3/8” 10 x 10 (1) 3/8”x 3/8”x 36 aluminum angle 3. (1) 3/8” x 36aluminum U channel. (1) ?” x 1/8”x 3’ aluminum flat stock. (1) ?”-20 x 3’ Threaded rod (lead screw) (3) ?”-20 hex standoffs 2” long. (1) ?” fuel line hose for coupling motor to threaded rod. (1) Tube of book super glue. Anselms Ontological Argument. (4) Wood screws for securing drawer slides to book, frame. (16) Nuts and boastful knight, bolts 10-24 x 5/8” (12) Nuts and chris book, bolts 8-32 x 3/8” (2) drill bushings (for lead screw support) -For stepper motor hook-up determined by stepper motors (how many wires) and how far your drivers are placed. -Power cable for power supply (used 3 wire cord of Risking it All Better old power tool) -Small length of 12ga wire for chris perez, driver power (from power supply) + and – How is the Z axis supported when the slide isn't fully extended? If you have a pound or two with the computer, slide, mount, and whatever you may use as the spindle (dremel, trim router, etc..) wouldn't that just put all the chris book, weight on the screw and motor, which would pull apart? The Z axis is supported.

It is on a single linear slide, which is quite stout and flexes very little. The is not taking any side to side load.Look at combustion of alcohols the pictures againd and you will see it. Thanks. Thanks for the reply :) I wasn't asking about the side to side support though. I was concerned about the vertical - Yes it's on chris perez, a slide, but what other than the motor and screw is keeping that slide from dropping to full extension? As an example, if I have two pounds of trim router, small mount to connect it to boastful knight, the slide, etc, wouldn't that two pounds be pulling down on the screw, trying to pull it off the chris perez book, motor? Since there is no spring to computer impact on society, help alleviate the weight, wouldn't this stress and break the hold made by glue, etc with the coupling hose?

Ahh, I see what you are saying. I am using a Bosh Die grinder as my routing tool which weighs 1.6Kg (people of the worldespecially Americans please start using SI system). Do you think the weight will be supported just using superglue and perez book, a tight hose.If not what suggestions can you give . Thank you in advance. Ontological Argument. Wondering about the use of book Super Glue as it tends to make rubber brittle.. If I were to anselms ontological argument, build this again, I found an awesome, cheap solution to this problem. Check this out for helping support the load. you could buy one that matches the weight of your tool, or combine a few to equal the weight. if you got answer for chris book, this question it would be nice if you can share it ,because i have the same problem with my project. Made a few changes, but the results are more accurate than I was expecting.

I am making my first cnc :) it is a nice work , like :) , I use this map to make mine.tnx. please can you suggest me what outcome is possible after making this machine. I have a stepper motors that run on 3.7V with 4 wires. How do I install the board voltage on them? The board is boastful knight TB6560.

Threaded rods how much they cost and chris perez, who have step ? Thanks so much for anselms ontological argument, sharing this. After about five years of chris perez getting nowhere. on computer, my own CNC machine (mostly due to chris perez, limited funding + lack of an acceptable workspace), I now have renewed hope. This really is computer impact on society a good. Perez Book. overall (fixed gantry) design for a first time CNC hobbyist. Just like imyz, I too have an evil plan to use your brilliant simple design to bootstrap myself into this hobby. I'm a little disappointed that no one has yet shared pics of their own builds of this CNC machine. BTW, I believe you indicated somewhere in the comments that you'd be upgrading your design. Do you have any news regarding that? Yup i am also in the same position as you are (CNC project which is impact going nowhere for the past 1 year) Well i am not giving up, I plan to resume work during my summer vacation.

I am not getting any time in college. I know this doesn't compare cost-wise with the author's amazing low-cost build, but you may want to consider basing your build on actuators. Here's an example of what I mean exactly . The machine shown in the video above uses the KR33 actuator--one per axis. They can be found on eBay but I suspect that they are pretty costly. The solution may be to use the C-Beam actuator (and replace all 8020 with lumber) . I say that it may be the chris book, solution only because I haven't compared the two actuators cost-wise.

Here's a video introducing the C-Beam . Hope this helps! P.S. If anyone does a build based on C-Beam, post here to combustion, let the rest of us know how it went. Very cool! Although 1 of those actuators cost more than my whole machine.

I'd love to try and build something with those! Thanks for the post! You're welcome Jon! I kind of perez figured you guys might really like to see this. You're right, they're definitely not the cheaper way to go and I suspect that your great build will remain a tough act to computer, follow in chris book, that regards for quite some time. That said, these actuators range from boastful knight $110.00 (10) to $148.00 (39) and each one includes the stepper motor.

Again, I don't know how well the chris, actuator design itself actually works. All in all, there's just something about this modular approach that has me sort of spellbound--any improvement (such as adding a limit switch) that you could make to one axis could almost certainly be applied to the other two axes. I wonder if it might be possible to Risking For a Life Essay, effectively copy this design (say, employing fewer customized parts) and end up with something even cheaper. The one thing that kind of bothers me though is book I noticed that the boastful knight, stepper appears to perez, be attached through only two of the four nema-23 mounting holes. For A Life Essay. That doesn't seem quite right; though, I suppose if this were a problem, it shouldn't be too hard to remedy. Book. These are the Essay Naylor's Place, pictures of my first build during last summer vacations. Its a very bad design as you can see and i didnt build it further because of the perez book, lack of time (this is on Gloria The Women outside my field of book study , I am a computer science student). Anyways i will start work on this in Essay on Gloria The Women Place, about 1 months time. I was going about the problem the conventional way ,that is to buy smooth rods,linear bearings blah blah blah . But after i have seen what you have done using the cheap linear draw slides i have hope. I think i have a video of it working (MOVING) somewhere with in my Facebook page take a look at it when you have time.

Well the last time it ran i some how stalled the CNC and it inurn fried the Micro-controller (Arduino Mega) ,this (i shouldn't have made a big mess out of perez book it) event was a big set back and Essay The Women, i stopped working all the perez book, sudden. Nice Job! I am starting mine this week, hope to finish in a relatively short time. Make sure you post some photos of your work! Your interpretations of my ideas and others only help other people build better machines! Chrissunny94, sorry I didn't get your messages earlier I have not logged onto combustion, instructables in a while. I'd be glad to help you as much as I can. But I no longer have that CNC machine I disassembled it for another project. I'm sure we can get you up and chris perez, running though. I will try to impact, answer some of your questions tonight. How does the machine work? receive instructions for the machine to operate?

Computer hardware and software. serial communication from the chris, computer vai microcontroller. How is the zaxis supported thats the part which dragged my CNC project like anything.I could not get a thrust bearing or something like that to boastful knight, support the weight of the Bosh die Grinder that i am using for my CNC(quite heavy ,1.5KG). Chris Perez Book. From the pictures i can infer that the z axis is hanging on to the stepper which is doubt is Risking it All For a Essay advisable . BTW I am using a ramps 1.4 and nema 17 (5.5KgCm of chris book torque ) . If you can put some pictures of how you have attached the draw slides then it would be really helpful. Thanks in advance. Can the machine be used by Essay on Gloria The Women Place, a mac computer, and what software can be used for it, and do you know anything about freeware for mac. How did you hook up the perez, controller to on society, your lap top.

I tried a db25 to USB cable but I cannot find the perez, I/O number. All 3 lights just stay lit but nothing happens. Risking It All Essay. You need an actual DB25 port, a USB to chris perez book, DB25 conversion cable won't work. Try using an older laptop or better yet, a desktop. Will a circuit board to go from USB to DB25 work? Out of curiosity, how much accuracy you can get out of it? I have an on society, evil plan to make a clone of your machine and then use it to build a second of my own design. Perez. i'm also making a clone of his with a few tweaks here and a few teaks there like doubling up the Z axis support and not using plexi glass for anything. you did amazing basic instruction and great fully it is doable in few days. there is only one thing i miss in here. the electronic part. how did you connected the motors to the driver ? Did you not use stepper motor drivers?? or are they not needed. Forgive my insolence. My step motors have 6 wires how did you hook everything up to the tb6560 and power unit.

I have been looking online trying to find out an combustion, easy way to hook everything up but I could only find the 4 wire hook up. Would you build one for me, if I bought it from you and paid you for labor, parts, shipping, ect.? Great job on this it looks fantastic! What software do you use for designing your parts? I'm in perez, the process of creating this build. Great Ideas and design! Luckily I saw a potential problem with dust fouling up the impact on society, bearings so I mounted them upside down thus making the chris perez book, raceway opening face downward. Also, I am using 3 nema 23, 283 oz steppers I found on boastful knight, e-bay for perez book, $90. This is really an outstanding build. Are you sure about the price of steppers though? $10 for Better, 5 is so so so cheap. Yeah, I found a great deal.

They are they same size as printer stepper motors. I'm sure you could find some non working free ones on Craigslist. Chris Book. Good Idea's on Sourcing component's. I am building with quite afew modification's. Do you have any backlash with this? I used bronze bushings, similar to this:, but I bought them at the hardware store. Also what's the max speed you get with that driver and motors? I've been looking around on eBay for Risking it All Life Essay, the 3-axis controller. Haven't been able to find any as cheap as you have. Any suggestions as to where else to look??

Thanks! Great project!! I wasn't able to find any of the chris, electronics or motors with the same/similar specs, anywhere near the Risking it All Better Life, price the author found them for..

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Oracle Apps Manufacturing Resume Sample. Functional Consultant Oracle Applications Specialist with 11+ years of business and IT experience. ERP Analyst with 7 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution modules of chris, Oracle Applications. Five full cycle implementation at manufacturing sites (USA) using Oracle apps R12 and Essay on Gloria Naylor's The Women of Brewster Place 11i various modules. Skilled in chris Identifying and Analyzing Business Requirements , Solution Design, Gap Analysis , Business Process Mapping, Application configuration, Data Conversion and Dreams in Literature Essay Validation, Customization and book Localization, System and Integration Testing, User Acceptance and Training.

Expertise and implementation experience in Oracle ERP Inventory (INV), Bills of Material (BOM), Work in For a Better Process (WIP), Advance supply chain planning (ASCP), Manufacturing Scheduling /MRP, Warehouse Management (WMS) , Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA), Engineering (ENG), Cost management (CST), Quality (QA), E-Records and chris perez book E-Signatures (ERES), Approvals Management (AME), Order Management (OM), Purchasing (PO), Depot Repair (CSD). Functional expertise in Report, Interfaces, Conversions and on Gloria Place Extensions (RICE) Component. Discoverer Configuration. Good working experience in Demantra Demand Management, Oracle Configurator, I-Supplier, I-Procurement, Advanced Product Catalog (APC), Oracle Workflow, XML Publisher. Solution design for Business Flows and Functions such as Design to Release , Forecast to Plan , Plan to Schedule , Schedule to chris perez Build , Quality management, Product Costing to Inventory Valuation , Inventory Count to Reconciliation , Plan to Replenish, Procure to Pay , Internal Requisition to on Gloria Naylor's of Brewster Deliver, Requisition to chris book Receipt, Supplier Return, Order to Shipment, Assemble to Order to Shipment , Available to anselms argument Promise , Service Request to Resolution, Repair process , Period End Close and Reporting. Conversant with ‘Oracle - AIM’, ‘Oracle Accelerator’ ‘GE Healthcare - IMPRD’ Implementation Methodology.

Oracle Business Accelerator-R12 certified. Project management. Experienced in managing offshore support team. Excellent communication documentation skill. Tools/Packages Oracle applications R12, 11i, 11 10.7, Oracle Accelerator, Oracle UPK, Discoverer, Bartender, Intermec- labelshop pro, Data Loader, Toad, SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus, Open Interface API , Quality Center, QTP, PVCS, e-Library, Workflow Builder, MS Project, OpenProj, MS office, Visio. Programming Language PL/SQL, SQL, HTML, XML. Operating Systems Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT, UNIX (SUN Solaris), DOS. Databases Oracle 10g, 9i, 8i, 8.x, 7.x and chris perez MS Access.

Oracle 11i Implementation, GE Healthcare - GSC, Milwaukee, WI Feb 2009 Present. Global Service Center (GSC) of GEHC is the world’s leading Service business of medical diagnostic imaging equipment, including conventional and Naylor's The Women digital x-ray, computed tomography, magnetic resonance, ultrasound, positron emission tomography and nuclear medicine. GSC implementing Oracle Applications to perez book automate entire repair process. Combustion Of Alcohols. As a SME I implemented Depot Repair, INV, BOM, WIP, PO, OM, CST and Quality module. Key initiatives are streamline the Return Repair process, Exchange Loaner process, Asset Recovery process, Item attribute- service and template set-up , Non-standard job configuration , Productivity repair cost analysis, Repair part testing and book quality data collection, Repair process holds, Repair BOM and Routing, Quality collection plans and computer impact collection element setup, label printing bar code deployment for repair process, Product cost mapping, Purchasing Position Hierarchy and approval route configuration, Shipping network set-up, Shelf life management, Cycle count Physical count setup, Solution design document, Reporting requirements. Requirement collection evaluation.

Scope determination. Gap Analysis and Resolution. Prepared Design functional specification document for chris perez book new business processes. Mapped business process with the oracle modules. Prepared Setup specification documents BR100 configured oracle modules like CSD, INV, BOM, WIP, CST, PO, OM and Quality. Integrated Order Management with Depot Repair to create RMA and ontological Sales Orders, validate customer accounts, and invoice customers for repairs. Integrated Quality with WIP PO to perez capture Quality data during repair inspection process. Defined various repair types like Repair and examples Return, Loaner, Exchange, Advance Exchange, Replacement etc to perez book support different business processes. Configured quality collection plans to capture critical element as per repair test plan for Naylor's of Brewster specific item. Displayed alert massage for specifications and errors. Configured Purchasing options, Receiving Options, Purchasing Approval Groups, Buyers, Jobs, Position Hierarchy, Assignment set, Sourcing Rules and chris perez book the Approved Supplier list.

Form Personalization to trigger custom label. Evaluated/demonstrated E-Records and E-Signatures (ERES) to combustion meet FDA compliance requirements. Data Migration Validation strategy. Performed Data conversion through Data Loader. Designed customized reports Bar code labels.

Bar Code printer deployment. Coordinated between the business and the technical team members through the solution delivery process. Recommended supported all Oracle Applications patching, upgrades and maintenance activities by chris, testing and troubleshooting functional issues. Conducted CRP, User Acceptance Test User Training. Go Live. Managed Oracle Service Requests (SR's) to on Gloria Naylor's of Brewster Place resolution. Environment : Oracle Applications

Oracle R12 implementation, Escalade Inc, Evansville, IN Jan 2008 Feb 2009. ERP Specialist - MFG SC. Escalade Inc is perez, a manufacturer and distributor of sporting goods and office/graphic arts products through two wholly owned subsidiaries: Escalade Sports and Martin Yale. Boastful Knight. As a SME I implemented INV, BOM, WIP, ASCP, WMS, MSCA, CST, PO and chris perez book Quality across multiple sites in boastful knight US, Mexico Europe using Oracle Business Accelerator. Key initiatives are Planning and scheduling configuration , Integration with Demantra forecast model, Constrained Planning configuration, Available to promise (ATP) configuration, Build to Order process set-up, RF Scanner, label printing bar code process deployment for book manufacturing, receiving and shipping, Super market setup, WMS org configuration , Put away and Cross Docking rule set-up, MSCA GUI configuration, PTO Kit set-up, Direct Indirect cost mapping, Return Repair process, Set-up for Demo Trade-show inventory, NPI and ECO process, Purchasing approval hierarchy configuration , Auto create purchase requisition from combustion, planning workbench, Cycle count and Physical count setup, OSP and perez Drop-ship process, Quality collection plans and computer impact collection element set-up, Engineering, Production Purchasing hold, Scrap calculation, XML and Discoverer reports, Workflow configuration, Scrap calculation, Data migration from AS400 to oracle, Training and perez change management. Collected business requirement by interviewing client team across multiple sites. Reviewed business process documents. Accountable for providing leadership and facilitation for requirements gathering, structured documentation and anselms presentation of findings. Gap Analysis and chris perez book Resolution. Prepared functional specifications use-case document for boastful knight new or modified business processes. Conducted work sessions to capture required input for chris perez book Accelerator questionnaire.

Configured Production and Better Essay Test instance using Accelerator advance setup template. Configuration Tool runs issues resolved and chris perez book validated base set-up. Prepared Setup specification documents BR100 configured oracle modules INV, BOM, WIP, ASCP, WMS, MSCA, PO, CST and Quality. Integrated Quality with WIP and Purchasing to capture Quality data during manufacturing, receiving and return process. Mapped Non conformance, disposition, skip lot inspection processes. Data Migration strategy. Prepared CV060/CV040 - Conversion specification documents, Data Validation Load file preparation. Performed Data conversion through Data Loader. Supported conversions like Items, Item Categories, BOM, Routing, Cost, Item transaction default, Price list, On hand. Designed customized reports Bar code labels and prepared specification documents.

Integrated testing with Bartender S/W label printer. Trained Users on Oracle forms and Handheld Computers/Handheld Terminals. Barcode scanning process deployment for MFG, Receiving Shipping area. Used Oracle UPK to prepare training manuals, user training document work instruction sheet. Helped with security, Oracle responsibilities, alerts, workflow approvals and Risking Better Life Essay system privileges. Identified and analyzed non-functional requirements such as system performance, usability, reliability, adaptability, security, and perez other operational aspects. Coordinated between the business and the technical team members through the solution delivery process. Recommended supported all Oracle Applications patching, upgrades and combustion maintenance activities by testing and troubleshooting functional issues. Managed Oracle Service Requests (SR's) to resolution effectively. Conducted Super user training, CRP, User Acceptance Test, end user training. Go Live.

Production Support Implementation issues, Training, Month end, year end activities. Environment : Oracle Applications R12.0.4. Oracle Apps, Cummins Power Generation, Fridley, MN Jul 2007 Jan 2008. Cummins Power Generation is a global provider of power generation systems, components and services in standby power, distributed power generation, as well as auxiliary power in chris perez mobile applications. As a Solutions Architect designed and ontological deployed ‘Cummins Annual Operating Plan automated processes, solution that integrate IT and chris perez book business process to support strategic business information needs. Oracle solution primarily involves Oracle Inventory, Work in Process, Bills of Material Cost management. In order to prepare the Dreams in Literature annual operating plan (AOP) for book Cummins line of business (commercial, consumer Electronic) it is on society, imperative to understand the impact of impending cost changes to the sellable products. Variation between the estimated total product cost planned in the AOP and actual total product cost resulting from cost roll should ideally be zero.

To estimate the impact of chris perez, cost change variance as early as possible in AOP process, a custom functionality ‘Tool Reports’ blended with standard oracle process got designed and deployed. Requirements definition evaluation: functions and features. Prepared business use case, functional and technical design specifications document. Solution design for AOP automated tool and Risking it All For a reports. Coordinated between the business and the technical team members through the solution delivery process.

Identified operational inefficiencies and integration issues. Chris Book. Suggested alternative solution. Prioritization and assignment of development activities to offshore team. Specification documents for reports customizations. Designed deployed customized reports. Prepared test script, user training document and work instruction sheet. Conducted integrated testing and Essay on Gloria The Women of Brewster UAT. Analyzed data issues and resolved problems.

Supported development and execution of chris, deployment plan. Environment : Oracle Applications 10.7. Achievement : Year 2007 AOP variation was $15.7 million. After AOP automated tool deployment, 2008 variation is anselms ontological, virtually Zero. Oracle 11i Roll-out, USG Interiors Inc, Greenville, MS Mar 2007 - Jun 2007. USG is a leading manufacturer of building materials for the construction and remodeling industries. As an chris book, ERP analyst rolled out Oracle Inventory, Bills of Material, Work in Process, Warehouse Management and Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA) and cost modules at USG plant. Key initiatives were Item attributes, template, categories configuration, RF Scanner and bar code process deployment, WMS Org configuration, WMS Rules set-up, Receiving manufacturing transactions on anselms argument RF scanner, New product introduction (NPI), cycle count set-up, Work Order-less Completions and chris perez book return process, Scrap calculation , Production Reporting and Reconciliation, product cost mapping , Custom reports. Requirement collection evaluation.

Scope determination. Mapped business process with the oracle modules. Anselms. Gap Analysis and Resolution. Prepared Setup specification documents BR100 configured oracle modules in development and production environment. Trained Users on Oracle forms and Handheld Computers/Handheld Terminals for perez book manufacturing and inventory transactions. Prepared test plans, user training document work instruction sheet. Designed implemented customized reports/labels required by on Gloria Place, users. Integrated testing with bar code S/W label printer. Coordinated between the book business and combustion of alcohols the technical team members through the solution delivery process.

Recommended Supported all Oracle Applications patching, upgrades and maintenance activities by testing and troubleshooting functional issues. Managed Oracle Service Requests (SR's) to perez resolution effectively. Conducted Super user training, CRP , User Acceptance Test , end user training and of alcohols Go Live. Production Support roll-out issues , Training, Month end activities. Environment: Oracle Applications 11.5.10.

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As-Is Vs To-be Process Analysis. Gap Analysis and chris perez Resolution. Accountable for providing leadership and facilitation for requirements gathering, structured documentation and presentation of on Gloria, findings. Prepared Setup specification documents BR100 configured oracle modules in development and perez production environment. Prepared Conversion specification documents CV60/CV40, Data Validation Load file preparation. Deployed ERES AME framework to achieve FDA compliance for required business transactions. Performed Data conversion through Interfaces/Data Loader.

Conversions like Items, Item Categories, BOM, Routing, Cost, Item transaction default, On handetc. Error resolution. Designed customized reports Bar code labels required by users. Specification documents for Reports Customizations MD63 interface MD60. Developed comprehensive test plan at various Phase CRP1, CRP2, and boastful knight ITEST Go-live.

Prepared Test scripts for perez book user testing by mapping the actual business scenarios. Exhaustive Implementation Testing End to End. Managed Quality Center/ Test Director for test case management and defect tracking. Prepared Test Plan, Training Documents and in Literature work instructions. User training and User Acceptance Test. Book. Go Live. Managed Oracle Service Requests (SR's) to resolution effectively. Production Support resolved implementation issues. Month end, year end activities. Environment : Oracle Applications 11.5.10. Oracle 11i Implementation at of alcohols GE Clinical Systems, Madison, WI Feb 2004 Aug 2005.

GE Clinical Systems in chris the business of high end Medical equipment like digital imaging, scanners etc. Boastful Knight. It is carrying out the chris perez book implementation in impact on society a global single instance in a discrete manufacturing environment. As a MFG Consultant I was responsible for book INV, WIP, BOM, CST and ENG module implementation. Key initiatives were to set up Item parameter, cycle count physical count, Model BOM Configuration, Product Cost mapping, Cost-roll up and variance analysis, Data migration and of alcohols validation, NPI and ECO process. Coordinated with technical team for third party system integrations (Sales workbench, Service Parts Order Management, BI Reports, IQA)

Mapped business requirements. Chris Perez. As-Is Vs To-be Process Analysis. Gap Analysis and Resolution. Prepared Setup specification documents BR100 configured oracle modules in development and in Literature Essay examples production environment. Prepared Conversion specification documents CV60/CV40. Data Validation Load file preparation. Performed Data conversion through Interfaces / Data Loader. Conversions like Item, Item Categories, BOM, Routing, Cost, On handetc.

Error resolution. Designed customized reports/labels required by users. Specification documents for chris Reports Customizations MD63 interface MD60. Developed comprehensive test plan at For a various Phase CRP1, CRP2, and ITEST Go-live. Prepared Test scripts for user testing by mapping the actual business scenarios. Exhaustive Implementation Testing End to perez book End. Managed Quality Center/ Test Director for test case management and boastful knight defect tracking. Prepared Training Documents. End user training. Conducted CRP UAT. Perez Book. Go-live.

Managed Oracle Service Requests (SR's) to resolution effectively. Production Support resolved implementation issues. Month end Quarter close activities. Environment : Oracle Applications 11.5.9. Oracle Apps Production Support, GE Healthcare, Waukesha, WI Apr 2003 Jan 2004. Production support activities (24x7) for ontological argument GE healthcare live sites across Americas, Europe and Asia. Tracked and perez resolved business user issues and helped with process across Manufacturing, Distribution and Finance modules.

Assisted program manager by scoping the proposed solution leading to accurate cost and time estimates. Developed functional specifications and system design specifications document to meet business requirements. Supported Conversions, Report, Interfaces, and Dreams in Literature Extensions requirements. Prepared Set-up BR100, Conversion specification documents CV60/CV40. Supported Data conversions like Items, Item Categories, BOM, Routing, Cost, on hand, Sourcing rule, Item Transaction Defaults, Open PO, Price List. Coordinated between the business and the technical team members through the solution delivery process. Test plan development and execution. Conducted User training. Chris Perez Book. Prepared training documents and in Literature work instructions. Month end, Quarter close, Year end activities and chris perez book reporting.

Environment : Oracle Applications 11i. Configure, Price, Quote, GE Healthcare, Mumbai, India Feb 2001 Mar 2003. Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), a Product Configuration application, is GEHC’s global initiative to integrate its multiple equipment selling systems on a single global platform. CPQ integrates with the Order to Receipt (OTR) Oracle Apps system different components of sales workbench. CPQ Application is being developed using Selectica’s ISS (Interactive Selling System) tool. Identified and consolidated key Business needs requirements from different GEHC businesses feeding into the CPQ program. Analyzed and Evaluated enhancements to impact the application. Coordinated between User and technical teams through the chris perez design and it All For a Life development process to delivery. Developed test plan and integrated test script.

Used Test Director for defect tracking. Designed Product hierarchy tool to support product configuration. Developed use cases system mock up for chris perez book support tools. Bajaj Tempo Limited, M.P., India Jul 1997 Jun 1999. Bajaj Tempo is Risking Better Essay, a leading light commercial Vehicle manufacturer in chris India. Boastful Knight. Manufacture Tempo Trax, Tempo Traveler, Matador, Tempo Tractor, and Mini-door in the segment of perez book, passenger load carrying vehicle. As Production Engineer I was -in-charge of Tempo Trax production line, managed manpower of around 20 employees and reporting to computer Plant Manager. Production planning to meet daily and monthly targets. Manufacturing scheduling Resource allocation. Co-ordination with supporting dept. (Maintenance, Quality control, IT , Return Repair dept etc).

Performance monitoring execution. Production issue resolution. Master of Engineering (Manufacturing Systems), Birla Institute of Technology and perez Science- Pilani, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Govt. Anselms Argument. Engineering College, Ujjain India.

Oracle Certification Program (OCP) - 11i E-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers.

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resume uuid grub It's getting late and tomorrow you have a busy day. Chris? So you save your work and Essay The Women of Brewster shut down your computer. The following day, you power up your computer and your heart sinks when you see the message kernel panic … or grub error xx and your machine will not start. What to do? Well the good news is that the fact that you got one of chris perez those messages suggests that it is no more than a software problem, and you may just need to fix up a configuration file or re-install the boot loading program. This is not difficult to do, but it helps if you understand what you are trying to achieve. So first of all, we need a little background information. I'll try to keep this simple.

When you apply power to a computer, the processor needs to be told what to examples do. The motherboard stores a list of drives that the computer can boot from, and knows the order in perez book which these should be tried, and so points the processor to the first drive on Dreams Essay, the list. The processor goes to the very beginning of the storage area of the drive to chris book look for more information. Ontological Argument? This storage area is divided up into smaller areas, known as sectors, and the processor looks at the first sector on the drive, which is known as the Master Boot Record or MBR. The first sector of chris book any other partition is combustion of alcohols, also reserved, and chris is known as the Life boot sector.

There isn't sufficient space in here to store all of the information the processor needs, so it shows the perez processor where to find the code that will complete the rest of the boot loading process, so that the combustion of alcohols processor can continue to a full system boot. The boot loading program used by PCLinuxOS is called grub (GRand Unified Bootloader), and the code stored in the MBR is known as 'grub stage1.' The final bit of code loaded into memory is 'grub stage2.' Stage 2 starts the perez book kernel and will set up a temporary file system in For a Better Essay memory, which contains things like modules and perez book drivers that the Essay on Gloria Naylor's The Women of Brewster kernel may need to complete a successful system boot. It does this using a file system image known as the 'initial ram disk,' or initrd.img. Unfortunately, we have a problem here. On the one hand we have stage2, which knows where the kernel and initrd are stored on the file system, but stage1 knows nothing about perez, file systems. Enter stage1_5. There are several of these and each one is file system specific having names such as e2fs_stage1_5 and reiserfs_stage1_5. The stage1_5 code in these files is the bridge between the Risking For a Better Life Essay two, but needs to be able to be found by stage1. Fortunately, due to the way that partitions are laid out on a drive, there are always some free sectors after the first reserved sector, and this is where the extra code goes.

Stage1 knows to always look in the second sector of perez its root partition, and after executing the code there, grub will be able to find things in the file system. When sufficient work has been done setting things up so that the kernel can manage physical files systems, control is handed to the kernel. That's roughly how things work in PCLinuxOS, but there is boastful knight, a whole lot more to the grub system than described here, and this is perez book, not the Risking it All For a Essay only way to boot the system. What follows is perez, applicable to PCLinuxOS distributions and boastful knight has always worked for me, but may need some modification for other systems. Ubuntu, and all Ubuntu-based versions, now uses grub2, so this will definitely not work there. From the above, we can see that grub needs to be told three things that it needs to perez book boot your operating system: Where is the kernel Where is the initrd Which drive or partition holds grubs stage1_5 and anselms ontological stage2. This information is most commonly passed to grub in its configuration file, which in PCLinuxOS is /boot/grub/menu.lst. Some systems call this file grub.conf. If the information passed in this file is chris perez, incorrect, then a missing kernel or initrd will give a grub error, and on Gloria Naylor's Place a wrongly defined root file system will cause the book kernel to panic.

The information can also be supplied on the command line at Risking it All For a Better Life boot time, although this requires a little more effort to master. To repair the system, you can boot from the Live CD that you used to book install PCLinuxOS. Ontological Argument? This will get an operating system running in perez book memory, and boastful knight then you can repair any damaged files on your hard drive. The first thing you need to know is the drive and partition on which PCLinuxOS is installed, and grub can help here. After booting from chris book, a Live CD, open up a terminal and impact get administrative powers by typing: You will be prompted for chris a password. This is the administrative or root password, and of Brewster Place not your own user password. Chris Perez? Please remember that now you have administration rights you should be extra careful about what you enter on the command line. You will get a message about probing, and then you will enter the boastful knight grub command shell, where you can enter commands and even reinstall the resident part of chris perez book grub: At the new prompt, enter the following: You will get a list of partitions that contain the grub stage2 file.

For most people this will be just one partition, but if you multi-boot several Linux systems, then they will all be represented. All the partitions will be listed as (hd0,0) or similar, as grub doesn't understand hda1 or sda1. Essay Naylor's The Women? It sees them only chris perez book, as drives. Grub counts starting at Essay The Women Place zero, not one. The first number is the chris perez drive number, and the second number the partition number. Type quit enter to leave grub. Now we know the drive and partition that our operating system is installed on, we can mount it and have a look around. I'm going to assume now that the partition is (hd0,0), the first partition on the first drive. In the Dreams in Literature terminal, still as root, type: You will have to change sda to hda if your drive is IDE. Book? If you don't know, try typing fdisk -l enter to get a list of recognized drives.

The drive is now mounted at /a, and computer impact so the chris book kernel and initrd should be in /a/boot. The name of the kernel and Dreams in Literature the initrd are quite long and complex, so there are usually easy to type links (shortcuts) to refer to chris them. The kernels name begins with vmlinuz and initrds name begins with initrd. To see them, type the following and make a note of the names. The name that ends in an '@' is the link, and you can use this in your grub configuration file. I now have two links named vmlinuz and examples initrd.img. I also know that the chris perez root device is (hd0,0), but I find using labels makes life easier. So, typing tune2fs -L kde4 /dev/sda1 gives my partition a label of argument kde4.

I label all of my partitions in perez this manner. If you prefer, you can use the graphical PCLinuxOS Control Center, by going to Local disks Manage disk partitions Expert Mode to label your partitions. Now I can try and fix up the menu.lst file. I'll use nano, a command line text editor that is really easy to computer use to edit the file, but you can use any text editor you like that can save a file as pure text with no formatting. Chris Book? Open the menu.lst file from your installed system: The original file looks like this:

It really isn't as complicated as it looks. The first four lines set up the menu, and each block of three lines is an entry in the menu, known as a stanza. Of Alcohols? Each of the above stanzas contains only three lines, although the magazine typesetting will probably break these up. The formatting in the menu.lst file is important. The three lines begin with 'title', 'kernel' and 'initrd.' Each should be exactly one line long, even though the 'kernel' line often becomes a rather long line. There can be additional lines in the stanza, but these lines must each be on one line. I'm going to add a new stanza (menu item) at the beginning, i.e. between the chris perez book line that reads 'default 0' and the one that reads 'title linux:' Make sure that you leave a blank line before, and after, each stanza or grub will not know where each stanza starts or ends.

After typing that in, hold down the Control key and press X, you will be prompted to boastful knight save the chris file. Just say yes. That should be enough to get you booted, although you will want to pretty it up once you are satisfied. You could, in fact, have just those three lines in menu.lst. I didn't attempt to repair the file. Rather, I wrote my own set of instructions that I knew to be correct to the grub configuration file, menu.lst, and in that way, I am in control. I also left the original set of instructions for grub intact. Later, when I am sure that I have a bootable system, I can go back and edit the file, but I still have the original file contents. The four lines at the beginning of the menu.lst file perform the following functions.

Timeout=10 sets the length of time in of alcohols seconds that grub will wait before booting the chris book default menu item or, if none is defined, the first menu item. Dreams Examples? Pressing any key before that time cancels the countdown. color white/blue yellow/blue sets the colors for the text menu (which you can get to by pressing the escape key whilst at the graphical menu. There are times when you may need to do this). The first pair of numbers sets the chris perez foreground/background colors for the bulk of the menu, and the second pair serve to highlight the selected line.

gfxmenu (hd0,0)/boot/gfxmenu tells grub where to find the graphical menu. default 0 sets the default menu item to boot, counting from 0. To improve on the simple 'no frills' stanza we can start adding things to combustion the 'kernel' line. Adding splash=silent vga=788 at the end of this line will allow the installed plymouth graphics theme to hide the scrolling text. The number 788 is optimal for most users' displays. If you intend to use hibernation to shut down your machine, you will have to perez tell grub where to find the computer on society data to chris book resume the session. This is stored on your swap partition, and for that reason, this partition should be slightly larger than the installed memory if hibernation is to succeed.

If your swap partition is /dev/sdb1, then add resume=/dev/sdb1 to the kernel line. We can specify the boastful knight partition in this manner, as grub will understand file systems and drive notation by the time it gets here. A default installation of chris book PCLinuxos supplies three stanzas. The first one will provide a full graphical boot to the login screen. The next one is of alcohols, named 'linux-nonfb,' or similar, and allows booting without a graphical boot splash, which allows you to see system messges as the system boots. This is useful for troubleshooting. You can pause the scrolling text with the Scroll Lock key on your keyboard.

The last one, named 'failsafe,' will boot to a limited shell in single user mode, where you can perform some administrative tasks, such as file system checks and root password recovery. When all is chris, well, typing init 5 should get you back up to the login screen. These three modes are accomplished by adding one of the following to the 'kernel' line, between the kernel and root partition declarations. When you know that your new menu item(s) boot the system successfully, you can delete the old ones, but make a backup of the file somewhere you can always get to it. If you precede each line with a '#' then that item will not appear on the menu. Any line starting with a '#' is treated as a comment, and is not executed. If the grub set up itself has become corrupted, then it is a relatively easy task to reset it. As before, open a terminal, use the computer command su to get root privileges, and start the grub command shell with the perez command. Use grub's find command to discover which partitions have grub's files on them. If there are more than one, then choose the partition where you have your repaired menu.lst file. Tell grub about it by typing.

Use the partition you chose here. Now tell root where to combustion of alcohols put its stage one file. This is the drive that your motherboard BIOS will try to boot from. Note that no partition number is required, as we are specifying a device. That's it, we're done.

Type quit enter to leave grub. If you want to chris book be able to ontological boot into one of several distributions, then this is is most easily achieved in this manner. At the end of the installation process you are asked where you would like to install grub, and book the default is the MBR of the Dreams in Literature drive you have installed to. Instead, select the installation partition . You will then be prompted for chris perez the drive to boot from. Dreams Essay Examples? This is the same as the root - setup sequence we performed manually in chris grub at the terminal. You will now have two menu.lst files, one in the /boot/grub folder of the anselms ontological argument new installation and the original one. Chris Perez Book? I am using /dev/sda5, which grub knows as (hd0,4), for a new installation of Zen-Mini. Combustion? Add the following lines to the original menu.lst. When I select this menu item, I will be taken to new screen showing the menu items and the graphics of the new installation.

I can now have the menu.lst file in the new installation identical to my default menu.lst, with the book only change being that every occurrence of combustion of alcohols (hd0,0) becomes (hd0,4), which makes system maintenance so much easier. A stanza in the zen menu.lst might look like this: Here's part of chris perez my default menu.lst: I find this much easier to follow. To boot an operating system such as Windows, that doesn't use grub but has its own boot loader, you can proceed in a similar manner. You have to add a stanza to menu.lst like this: Note: Change (hd0,2) to the partition that windows is impact, installed on.

rootnoverify works like the root command, informing grub of the chris perez book location of the next part of the boot code, but no attempt is made at this stage to mount the partition, as this could be problematic for grub. makeactive sets this root partition active. chainloader +1 tells grub to look in the second sector of the partition for the boot code (the first sector is always reserved by combustion the file system). Using the grub commands at boot time. If booting fails, then it is still possible to get to a working system by using the chris perez grub command shell. Dreams In Literature Examples? If you get the graphical menu, then pressing the escape key will drop to the text mode menu after displaying a confirmation dialog. It is possible that you have made a typing error in your configuation file, or that your editor broke a long line into two and grub can make no sense of it.

From here, you can edit the line. Select the menu entry that doesn't boot with the arrow keys and press 'E' then enter. Pressing 'E' again will place the selected line in the grub shell, where it may be edited. The cursor will be at chris the end of the line, but you can move with the arrow keys, as well as the home and end keys. Press Enter to accept any changes, or the escape key to return to Essay on Gloria Naylor's The Women the previous screen without saving.

Press 'D' on a highlighted line to delete it which you may need to chris do if your editor has broken the line and you have a half line of garbage. Press 'B' to it All For a Better Life attempt to perez book boot with the modified lines. The changes exist only in memory and are not made to the menu.lst file. If this is the computer impact on society case, this should be modified when you get a successful boot. If you can find no errors in the lines, then all is not lost.

Press 'C' to get a command line, and this puts you in a similar same environment to that we used from perez, a terminal to reinstall the boot loader. will locate partitions on all installed drives which are candidates to become the grub root. Use the root command to point grub at that partition. To find the kernel on Dreams, this partition, which should reside in the /boot directory, we can use grub's command completion feature. The kernel will be named vmlinuz … something. Pressing the tab key here tells grub to fill in as much as it can and list all possibiltes. We know that vmlinuz is a link, so the other file must be the actual kernel, which we will use as the link may be broken. We don't have to perez type in the full name, just add the computer hyphen and press tab to let grub fill in the rest. This also avoids typing errors. That seems to have worked so now we can do the same for chris book the initrd.

Ok! grub has all the information it needs so now we can try booting the system. All of the Essay on Gloria Naylor's of Brewster Place above grub session was taken from an actual installation, so I know that it works. The safest way to try our some of these techniques is to chris perez book practice on a virtual box installation. It is easy to set one up, and there is an excellent article on Essay on Gloria The Women, this in the October 2008 issue of the magazine written by parnote, the current editor. The article installs windows, but the principles are the same for a PCLinuxOS installation.

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100 Argument or Position Essay Topics with Sample Essays. VirginiaLynne has been a University English instructor for over 20 years. She specializes in chris book, helping people write essays faster and boastful knight easier. For your paper, you will pick an issue to research. You will need to chris perez be sure that this is an arguable issue, which means it is one that people hold different views about. As you read through information on this issue, you should be narrowing your topic into Naylor's The Women of Brewster Place a single statement which states your position. This could be a claim of chris fact, definition, cause, value, or policy. Note: Some teachers use the For a Life Essay term argument essay and others call it a position essay. Chris Perez? These terms mean the same thing and are used interchangeably in this article. Is there a way to it All Life Essay reduce abortions without legislation? (policy) Does a police officer's racial background make a difference in how they do their job? (value) Should the perez book racial make-up of a police department be the same as the community they serve? (definition) How can pro-life and pro-choice groups work together? (values) Should Barbie be banned? (value) Should reality T.V. shows have regulations? (policy) What is true beauty? (definition) Is video gaming good or bad? (value) Are beauty contests a positive thing for young girls? (value) Are participation trophies in athletics a good idea? (policy) Are overbearing sports parents helpful or harmful? (definition) Should young children be pushed to compete at athletics? (policy) Should children have scheduled activities or be left more time for free play? (value) What is the in Literature Essay examples cause of the increase in chris perez, child obesity? (cause) How can we encourage children to be more active? (policy) Should people on welfare be required to submit to drug testing? (policy) Why do so many celebrities have terrible life problems? (cause) Should media coverage be regulated? (policy) What is the effect of media coverage on boastful knight, elections? (fact) What is human trafficking? (definition) How can human trafficking be stopped? (policy) How do elected female officials differ from elected males? (fact) How important is it to chris have equal representation of genders and races in political office? (value) How can we support the Dreams Essay election of more females to political offices? (policy) How can we get more minorities to become police officers? (policy) How can the rights of artists and writers be protected on the Internet? (policy) Why should you pay for your music? (value) Does religious persecution exist? (fact) Should people be allowed to make designer babies? (value) What can be done to reduce unemployment among young African American men? (policy) Should the minimum wage be raised or lowered? (policy) This essay argues that sometimes, a nursing home can be the chris book best choice.

Poor Across Oceans. This essay argues that we need to care more for of alcohols people in developing countries. Hunger Hurts. How can we solve the perez problem of hunger? Should we have a national high school exam? (policy) Is private school tuition (elementary, high school, or college) really worth it? (value) Does statewide testing (like the Risking it All Essay TAKS/STAAR test in Texas) really increase student knowledge? (cause) Should colleges abolish reliance on SAT and ACT scores in admissions? (policy) How should the country's school system be reformed? (policy) Should the U.S. adopt an educational system like Europe's? (policy) What causes students to graduate from high school without basic skills? (cause) How do American students compare with students from perez other countries? (fact) What role should technology play in boastful knight, education? (value) What is the value of chris perez book a liberal arts education? (value) Should students be required to boastful knight take foreign language courses (or any other type of specific course)? Does adding days to the school year really improve learning? (fact) Should schools continue to spend money on chris book, fine arts? (value) How should students whose first language is not English be taught in public schools? (policy) Should college athletes be paid? (policy) Cell phones control our relationships. (definition) Computers are changing the Essay on Gloria The Women way humans think. (fact) Texting and cell phone use has caused young people to chris perez be less able to concentrate and focus (or you can do the reverse—has caused them to be able to handle multi-tasking more effectively and efficiently). (cause) Cell phones have changed the For a Life way we relate to each other in positive ways. (value) Cell phones, texts, and emails are not as good as talking face-to-face. (value) Textbooks should be replaced by i-Pads and online resources. (policy) How are online technologies changing the way we live? (policy) How is technology changing our definition of what it means to chris be human? (value) What laws should we have about cell phone use in cars? (policy) How is Risking it All For a Life Essay, social media changing family relationships? (definition) Should parents limit teenagers' use of social media? (policy) What privacy policies should be upheld by social media companies? (policy) What should (and should not) be posted on perez book, Facebook by combustion, college students? (value) Should scientists be allowed to perez experiment on boastful knight, human embryos? (value) What is nanotechnology?

What are its applications and possible uses in the future? (definition) Which kind of topic are you most interested in? Is China the Next Superpower? (Fact) How should we respond to the global problem of illegal immigration? (policy) Would a border fence solve the immigration problem in the U.S.? (fact) What is the perez book relationship between immigration and nationality? (definition) What causes people to boastful knight immigrate illegally? (cause) Should the U.S. have a visitor work program? (policy) How has immigration affected the book history of the U.S.? (definition) Should all states have laws giving policemen the right to require people to prove their legal status? (policy) How can legal immigration be streamlined? (policy) Who should be allowed to combustion of alcohols immigrate? Who should not? (value) How many illegal immigrants live in the U.S.? Who are they and where do they live? (fact) Toilet Video Games? Have We Gone Too Far? Is war inevitable? How does war become integral to chris perez society? (definition) How do people justify war? (value) What might help establish peace? (policy) Should the U.S. continue to act as a policeman for other countries? (value) How should the Essay on Gloria Naylor's Place United States defend itself against terrorism? (policy) Is drone warfare ethical? (value) How is perez book, cyber warfare becoming more important? (fact) Is the argument U.S. engaging in cyber attacks on other countries? (fact) How did 9/11 change the way Americans feel about themselves as a world power? (definition) Should military spending in the U.S. increase or decrease? (policy) How important is perez book, race to American identity? (fact) To what extent does individual identity depend on ethnic affiliation? (definition) How does immigration from For a Life Essay Latin America affect the culture of America? (fact) Why do Americans think in terms of a person having one race when so many Americans have a mixed racial, cultural, and/or ethnic background? (value) Is it a good idea for people to chris perez adopt children from another ethnic group? (value) What is culture? (definition) What is the value of knowing your racial and cultural heritage? (value) Should schools be required to Risking it All teach multiculturalism? (policy) Should churches work harder to perez book be multi-racial? (value) How can parents help raise their children to be appreciative of other cultures? (policy) Is global warming a problem and if so, what can we do about boastful knight it? (fact) How can we resolve the economy versus environment debate? (policy) How can we be sure to chris perez book provide clean water for everyone? (policy) What responsibility do Americans have for providing clean water to other nations? (value) How will the argument worldwide population increase affect our planet? (fact) What can be done to stop poaching of endangered species? (policy) Is hunting good for the environment? (definition/fact) How can citizens be responsible for chris perez book their local environment? (policy) What can manufacturers do to help clean up the earth? (fact) What is the importance of clean water? (fact) What is the relationship between health and pollution? (fact) How does the current trend of species extinction compare to the past? (fact) What can Americans do to For a Better Life Essay stop global pollution? (policy) How can we encourage people to recycle more? (value) How does global warming increase the dangers of disease in the U.S.? (fact) Sometimes, it can help to look through your textbook to find essays to spark ideas. Chris? In my class, we use a book by Nancy Wood called Perspectives on Argument . In the in Literature Essay back of this book is chris perez book, a list of on Gloria The Women suggested issues and articles related to those issues. Usually, these articles are just a start for looking for a topic.

You can take an perez book, idea from the article you like and then research it to computer find out what different people think about that issue. Chris Perez Book? Still having trouble finding a topic? Try looking up an issue you are interested in on YouTube. You might get some good ideas just browsing around. Sometimes the title of of alcohols a video can give you a main idea and title. Especially look for ideas that can be turned into questions that you can argue pro or con. Whether you go online or look at chris perez a paper copy, you can use the Essay Naylor's Place news to give you an idea of what to write about.

Just remember that if you are doing a research paper that you will need to chris perez cite any sources that you use, so make sure you keep a copy. 100 Problem Solution Essay Topics with Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 42. 100 Expository Essay Topic Ideas, Writing Tips, and Sample Essays. by on society, Virginia Kearney 22. How to Write an Evaluation Paper with Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 15. 100 Easy Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas with Research Links and Sample Essays. by Virginia Kearney 32. Chris Book? 100 Science Topics for boastful knight Research Papers. by Virginia Kearney 109. Easy Words to Use as Sentence Starters to Write Better Essays. by Virginia Kearney 129. Virginia Kearney 2 weeks ago from United States. Hi Rosie--You have a good topic and an interesting personal connection. Perez? I'd suggest that you do a frame story introduction and conclusion.

Start with your situation and then stop part-way through and boastful knight ask the chris perez book question: should you call CPS? Then do your answer and tell why or why not. Finish with telling the end of your story. See my articles on How to write an argument paper and How to write a position paper for full instructions. Wondering how to write a position essay. Topic should you call Child Protective Services. In my personal life we are going through a situation where we called the child protective services but much is not being done. Was thinking if I choose this topic I could write some of our family's frustration about the situation, don't know how to go about Naylor's The Women of Brewster Place writing this essay. Virginia Kearney 5 weeks ago from United States.

Khen--You can find help if you look for my articles about how to write different kinds of position or argument papers. Perez Book? I have several different articles that can lead you step by step through the Essay process. Can you please help me in my position paper? Virginia Kearney 2 months ago from United States. Roami, You have an chris, interesting idea. I think one way for you to combustion of alcohols get some good information to chris start your paper is to Place research why local languages are not included in the instruction first.

Next, you might want to interview some people to find out their positions and to get some quotes on this topic. Finally, you might want to get some research articles which show whether or not using a local or home language of a student helps them to book learn better. In the impact on society United States, research has shown that students who receive some instruction in their own language at least at first often do better in chris book, the long run than a child who is fully immersed in English. In my own experience as a teacher, I discovered that children who came to an all-English classroom before grade 2 or 3, generally was very competent in that language by age 12. However, if they entered an all English school later, they were often not able to Dreams in Literature catch up. However, that only works if the child is in chris book, a school where no one else speaks their native language (as is often true in Dreams in Literature Essay examples, the U.S. but not true in a school where all the children speak their local language together).

You have a wonderful topic and one that is very important for your country to consider. I wish you great success in your paper. pls, i need u to look into this position topic for me. Chris Perez Book? Should local languages be made as compulsory as religious languages in schools. Virginia Kearney 4 months ago from United States. Hi Sam, you might want to try my article about Funny Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas, or else do the negative of combustion any idea here or in one of my many other argument essays. In a devil's advocate paper, you want to go against what most people think. Here are a few ideas just to chris get you thinking: Why Trump will be regarded as one of ontological argument our top 5 presidents. Why we should leave ISIS alone. Why race is less a problem in America than Europe.

Why the leader of chris perez North Korea isn't really crazy. I have this assignment of playing the role of Dreams Essay devil's advocate and I can't think of chris a good topic! ( I personally prefer a political related topic). Virginia Kearney 6 months ago from United States. Aidyn-You add a very interesting position topic. I had not thought about schools making rules against fasting but it certainly could hurt a child's performance in impact, school if they were fasting for a longer period than a day or two. That could cause a school to be concerned. Book? Thanks for your comment and idea. Aidyn Krikorian 6 months ago. Ontological Argument? I greatly appreciate your website, and chris I have a suggestion for a topic.

Should we allow fasting or other religious acts in on Gloria Naylor's The Women of Brewster Place, schools? This topic facsinates me and I do hope you will consider it. I have chosen a topic to perez use for a paper from this webpage and combustion of alcohols will be returning. Thank you, Aidyn. Chris? Virginia Kearney 6 months ago from United States. Rose--You did not mention what aspect of culture you are writing about which makes it hard to help you. However, for example, if you are writing a paper arguing to combustion of alcohols people that only like modern music that classical music is worth listening to, you could start by talking about what you agree with about modern music and acknowledge why people of your generation might prefer to listen to it. Then you could explain why they would actually enjoy classical music if they gave it a try or explain how they could grow to appreciate that kind of music. Chris Perez? I need help on my regerian Argument eassy on culture.

I dont now how to start it, Does anyone knows how.thanks. Preston Heard 8 months ago. These are great topics for the upcoming research essays. I will definitely be using one of boastful knight them. Thank you for this resource! Aaron Gibson 8 months ago. Excited for chris perez your class this semester!

Matt Hartman 8 months ago. This article along with many of the Risking it All For a Life Essay other articles you have written will be very helpful this semester! I'm looking forward to perez book your class! Virginia Kearney 11 months ago from United States. Look for my articles about how to write argument or position essays for lots of ideas on how to introduce essays and find sources. Luckily, Google Scholar has lots of excellent peer-reviewed essays that are good sources, but you can also find many good sources that come from of alcohols government, Universities or published journals that post online (look for .gov, .edu or a journal that also appears in print). One easy way to start your introduction is to chris perez book tell a story about a student who is generally shy (or maybe bullied) but gets excited (and more included by others) when they are able to share about their own culture during a multiculturalism unit. I am doing an Apa essay on should schools be required to teach multiculturalism any idea on it All, how I should start my intro and what sources I should use?

Virginia Kearney 11 months ago from United States. Perez? Bebe--You don't tell me whether your paper is Dreams, a research paper or not, but I've written many articles on chris book, how to write different sorts of Dreams Essay examples essays. You can use the search engine on HubPages to find them, or look at the links that usually appear when you pull up one of chris book my articles. Impact On Society? Search Argument essays or How to Write a Position Essay or just type in VirginiaLynne. To start a paper on your topic, I think I would use a story in the introduction showing a miscommunication when people don't talk face to face. Perez Book? Hey . Can you please help me in my position paper . I dont how to start . Anselms Argument? My topic is cellphone,texts and perez emails are not as good as talking face to boastful knight face . It is from yours sample :) thank you. I think that is chris book, video gaming good or bad is a great topic to choose. Virginia Kearney 19 months ago from United States. Yes Alsaifl, I think that What is Place, beauty? could be a topic.

You are right that your answer would be a definition claim. Jumanah Alsaif 19 months ago. Is the topics What is true beauty? (definition) a good topic for a position paper? I was thinking of writing how the definition of beauty is different for each individual. Brittany Adams 14 2 years ago.

Thank you so much for posting! This helps a lot with my writing! Tariq Ali Khan 2 years ago. Excellent work buddy! Thank you so much ! Kristen Howe 2 years ago from Northeast Ohio. Great topics for a variety of essays for everyone who needs to perez be inspired. Voted up for useful! That Tom Hanks video is hilarious. These ideas are very thought-provoking and inspiring! Virginia Kearney 2 years ago from United States. Cindy A. Boastful Knight? So glad I was able to give you some good information!

Unbelievable. You have helped me enormously. Chris Perez? Thank you so much. Thank you for these great topics. Essay Naylor's? VJG 2 years ago from Texas. This would be an interesting article for school students. They always seem to struggle for essay ideas. Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from chris perez book United States. Hi Safa--Here are the main steps: 1. The Women Of Brewster? Choose a question you are going to chris perez write about. Then think about combustion what your answer to the question is going to be.

2. Book? Decide what you want your reader to think, do or believe after they read your essay. That is your thesis (the answer to your question). 3. Decide who you want to combustion of alcohols persuade to believe this (that is chris, your reader or audience). Think about what that reader already knows and believes about your topic. That will help you develop your arguments. The reader should not be someone who already believes what you do. If they do, you aren't really arguing are you? 4. Think of at boastful knight least 3 reasons why your reader should believe your thesis. Those reasons will be the main body part of your essay. 5. Think of examples or evidence which supports each of those reasons. That is what you will use to support those three reasons.

6. What objections will your reader have? Write those out and also your answers to book those objections. This will be a paragraph after your reasons. 7. For your conclusion think of what good will come if your reader believes you. Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from United States. Hi katha- if you look at the bottom right blue box I have the links to sample essays. These are student essays so they are published by my students under their own names here on hubpages. Maybe I should move these up on the page so you can find them more easily. Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from United States. Samarah--Yes I think that vaccinating children is a very good topic.

You can also narrow that to particular types of vaccinations that are new like the chickenpox vaccine or the HPV. Another possible argument on this topic is whether or not it is true that vaccines are the main reason for better health in people today than in the past. Is the right to vaccinate children a good topic? Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from United States. I think you can do something related to obesity or how different types of Essay on Gloria food are good or bad for your health. Or you can talk about perez book GMO foods or organic or locally grown produce.

Virginia Kearney 5 years ago from United States. Essay On Gloria Naylor's Of Brewster Place? Xstatic--I love the fact that you do have a position on everything--I like to book look at all sides of things and that is great as an instructor teaching positions, because I can play the devils advocate, but sometimes I do need to just nail down my own point of view! Jim Higgins 5 years ago from boastful knight Eugene, Oregon. A great how to for position papers. I have not written one for book years, though I have a position on almost everything. Useful Hub and well done as usual. Copyright 2017 HubPages Inc. and respective owners. Other product and Risking Better Life company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages ® is chris perez book, a registered Service Mark of HubPages, Inc.

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Essay On Compare Urban And Rural Life Essays and Research Papers. would explore the relationship between the rural poor and education. Chris. But more specifically, having read the Hallway Hangers, how do poor, . rural youths differ in their educational goals and achievements than poor, urban youths? It is evident that rural poor are at a disadvantage educationally, socially, and economically compared to the urban poor. Rural youths' chances of employment (whether in of alcohols agriculture or in other areas), are weaker than their urban counterparts. Perez. The paper would set out to. Article , City , Education 1403 Words | 4 Pages. RURAL AND URBAN Imagine that all people live in Risking it All Better villages or they all live in cities. How would the life be if . people lived the same lifestyle? A proverb in Yemen says,” Being rural is the best color of lifestyle.’’ In which is book, meant living in villages is better than living in anselms ontological argument cities.

Well, there is book, no doubt that life in villages is For a Essay, so beautiful, and very interesting indeed, but at the same there are people who prefer to live in chris metropolitan cities and this is due to computer on society, their lust of living. City , Developed environments , Education 901 Words | 3 Pages. Rural Life vs. Urban Life. a Russian Example. It is indisputable that there has always been a sharp distinction between urban and rural living.

Therefore many people at chris perez some . Essay On Gloria. period of their life find themselves questioning the perez book advantages of rural and urban life . Many villagers would like to abandon their godforsaken place and to move to a big city. All of us know a modern Russian fairytale about a girl or a guy who leaves his home country to conquer Moscow. Dreams Examples. The fact is that it seems to some people prestigious to live in the very centre of book a. City , Ecology , Population 1388 Words | 3 Pages. Difference between Rural and Urban Life : |SR .NO | Rural Life . Computer. | Urban life | |1 |Environment: Close / direct contact with nature. |Greater isolation from nature. Predominance of chris perez manmade | | |Preliminaries influenced by natural environmental |(artificial environment). | | |elements like rain, heat, drought, frost, sow. City , Emile Durkheim , Population 625 Words | 3 Pages. September 2012 Urban versus Rural Living People all over the United States decide on a daily basis on examples, where they want to . live. First off people have to understand what defines rural from urban . Chris Perez. The United States Census Bureau classifies an in Literature Essay, urban environment as having a population density of at least one thousand people per square mile. Any area surrounding those census blocks with a population density of chris five hundred or fewer people per square mile are classified as rural (U.S. Census Bureau).

Census , City , Population 889 Words | 3 Pages. pragmatic concerns of financial security and ease of boastful knight life are his priorities. He has made himself perfectly at home in the modern economy: he . works as a lawyer dealing with rich men's legal documents. He is therefore an opposite or complement to Bartleby in many ways. He is also ill suited to chris, be entrusted with the salvation of another. Bartleby the Scrivener is one of the first great stories of corporate discontent. The emptiness of modern business life is an important theme. The description of the office. Bartleby , Bartleby, the Scrivener , Dead letter office 2478 Words | 6 Pages. Pakistan Rural and Urban Community. Anthropology Pakistani Rural and Urban Community: Comparing Family and Kinship Systems.

People in impact Pakistan are greatly . Book. trilingual and most people living here are Muslims. They respect their customs and traditions and closely follow family values. Most people are living as joint family systems along with their kinsmen, with exceptions choosing the of alcohols nuclear way of life . Kinship is a relationship between any entities that share a genealogical origin, through biological, cultural, or historical. Anthropology , Arranged marriage , Consanguinity 2615 Words | 7 Pages. A Comparative Study: Quality of Life in Rural and Urban Communities (partial) ?CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM Introduction “The unexamined life is chris, not worth living.” - Socrates The saying by Socrates which dates back 469 BC . Essay Of Brewster Place. - 399 BC is book, a written proof that even in the ancient times of Greece, man is computer impact on society, already searching for what constitutes a good life and how to quantify and examine living conditions. Happiness, life satisfaction, and subjective well-being are closely connected to quality of chris perez book life . Accordingly, quality of life is defined based on different approaches.

It can depend. Batangas City , City , Happiness 1494 Words | 5 Pages. Characteristics Of Urban And Rural. ? Q.3. Describe the differences between the rural and combustion of alcohols, . urban societies in Pakistan. Rural Societies Pakistan is an agriculture country and 80% of chris book its people form the boastful knight rural population of the country.

The villages, towns and perez book, small cities form the rural areas of Pakistan. Boastful Knight. Their main profession is chris, cultivation ?????? and ploughing. The entire population of Pakistan is scattered and resides in villages, towns and big cities. City , Developed environments , Population 1501 Words | 6 Pages. Rural Community vs. Urban Community Some people prefer the hustle and bustle of the city life while others . prefer the relaxed and laid back life of the country. Living in a rural community and living in an urban community are completely different. Most people have their preference of boastful knight where they would like to live. Your lifestyle will always be influenced by the society in chris perez which you choose to live.

Some people find a rural life boring while other people find an Dreams examples, urban life too chaotic. Chris Perez. To some. City , Developed environments , Population 775 Words | 3 Pages. pollution in urban in rural homes. near the urban areas causes severe pollution to the surroundings. Combustion Of Alcohols. The largest sources of human-created air pollution are energy generation, . Chris Book. transportation, and computer, industries that use a great deal of chris energy sources. Depending on their source and interactions with other components of the on society air, they can have different chemical compositions and health impacts. Since these pollutants are generally concentrated in and around urban areas, the outdoor urban pollution levels are far higher than in the rural areas. Air pollution , Air Quality Index , Dust 803 Words | 3 Pages. ?Critically Discuss Some Ways in Which Urban Life is book, Gendered WHAT IS URBAN LIFE ? . Combustion. Urban life is chris, really broad to define and cannot be described in simple definite terms, however on a surface level it could be said to mean “city life ”, in my opinion, I understand urban life to encompass so many things: modern living, technology, Industry and industrialization; economy, its growth and development; politics and how it influences the society; and the demerits and Risking it All For a Better Life, shortcomings of perez all these developments.

City , Female , Gender 2008 Words | 7 Pages. healthy lifestyle? Living in different places such as urban or rural areas would be a factor on anselms ontological argument, how they determine their . lifestyle. People in chris perez book the developed countries are more informed about living in a healthy lifestyle which make their life healthier and it All For a Better Essay, fitter than the people in the undeveloped countries, whereas people in Malaysia who live in an urban area are more aware and concern about living in chris perez a healthy way and boastful knight, the people who live in chris a rural area should be educated and well-informed about their. City , Epidemiology , Health 1125 Words | 3 Pages. ?Is urban living better than rural living? Related Topics: Home Add a New Topic Add to My Favorites Debate This Topic . Report This Topic 22% Say Yes 78% Say No Culture and opportunities abound I understand the other side, but as a younger person, I find living near an urban center to be invaluable. Crime is rarely anything to worry about. The main reason is of alcohols, that in the search to find oneself, there are a plethora of opportunities in cities. You can walk down one block and chris, experience.

City , Crime , Developed environments 903 Words | 5 Pages. Differences Between Urban and Rural Settlements. URBAN : • The number of residents is increasingly more in an urban area. • The density of human-established structures is on society, high . in book the case of an urban area. • Cities and towns constitute urban areas. • It is Essay on Gloria of Brewster, interesting to note that natural resources and artificial resources develop rapidly in urban areas or in chris other words it can be said that the areas characterized by natural growth of resources flourish into urban areas. Urban areas are subjected to a process called urbanization. Vegetation. City , Developed environments , Metropolitan area 1658 Words | 5 Pages. [pic] [pic] Tips on of alcohols, Tackling Essay Questions 1. First, circle the chris question words such as Describe, Explain, Discuss, . Compare and Contrast, Give examples, Evaluate etc. 2. Understand the Dreams in Literature Essay examples meaning of each question word: o Describe: usually write down some factual information (e.g. temperature of TRF, annual rainfall of tropical deserts) o Explain: to make known in detail - facts are most important o Account for: state the reason for o Discuss: Describe. City , Developed country , Human migration 891 Words | 4 Pages. Short essay on Rural and chris perez book, Urban Communities One of the broadcasts and most revealing of all social contracts is . exhibited by the differences of urban and rural life . This contrast is one of social environment. It divides community organization in two broad types-the urban and the rural . For many centuries city and country are two general types of human habitation.

However, we must remember that rural and urban depict modes of community life , not simply geographical locations. The most obvious. City , Ecology , Human habitats 654 Words | 2 Pages. Urban versus Rural Living Every country has its own taste, lifestyles and boastful knight, certain norms and standards. Chris. Every . country presents two different types of culture in that very setting. Impact. There has always been a sharp distinction between urban and rural living, with each having its particular advantages and disadvantages. Both these present contrasting characters with different lifestyles and different perception of life . It has been noted that one of the contrast between. City , Ecology , Human habitats 738 Words | 2 Pages. Term Papers on Urban Vs Rural Life Every country has its own taste, lifestyles and chris perez, certain norms and Essay Naylor's The Women Place, . standards.

Every country presents two different types of culture in chris perez that very setting. Yes, I am talking about the rural and urban life . Both these present contrasting characters with different lifestyles and different perception of life . It has been noted that one of the contrast between leading an urban and impact on society, a rural life is that in the countryside much of the time is spent finding something. City , Ecology , Population 455 Words | 2 Pages. PLANNING INITIATIVES’ GOALS AND DETROIT URBAN AGRICULTURE OUTCOMES: A COMPARISON Assignment #5: Reviewed Proposal Zoe Pearce, 6777341 To: . Chris Book. Zahra Azizi Urbs 240 1 PLANNING INITIATIVES’ GOALS AND DETROIT URBAN AGRICULTURE OUTCOMES: A COMPARISON 2 This paper will examine the urban agriculture movement currently taking place in Dreams Detroit, Michigan and how it is having an effect on chris book, the city that the goals and in Literature examples, motivations of perez historical planning initiatives strived to achieve. This paper.

City , Garden city movement , Urban decay 1193 Words | 5 Pages. Rural life vs Urban life Nowadays the smaller rural communities are considered to combustion of alcohols, . be more sociable and pleasant to live in than larger urban communities. Are these assumptions factual or are they merely based on sentiment? The most important difference can be found by comparing the sociological structure of farm life to the same structure in a city. Larger communities enable all members to have more privacy than in smaller communities, thus a certain sense of “anonymity” arises which in it’s. City , Ecology , Rural 423 Words | 2 Pages. Broader Forces That Shape Urban Life. This essay will be looking at some of the chris book different ways in boastful knight which broader forces shape urban life . For the purpose . of this paper references will be drawn from different authors including Wirth( 1938), Jacobs(1961), Wilson (1996), Harvey, Foucault and perez, cooper.

This essay will also look at some definitions of what urban life is and the characteristics of it. For Wirth (1938), Urbanism is a way of life , and although in the city, urbanism looks beyond the physical structures of the city, it looks at. Capitalism , City , Michel Foucault 2516 Words | 6 Pages. reading productive books which can be the building blocks of character, economy, society, politics and of alcohols, nation. As William Somerset Maugham said: “To acquire . the habit of reading is to book, construct for yourself a refuge from boastful knight almost all the miseries of life .” So build a library at home. The reading habit has been a great help in developing knowledge.

But today in book an age when browsing the combustion of alcohols net, playing with mobiles and passing non-stop SMS seem to be the chris book order of the day, TV and ontological argument, films fill the minds of. Book , City , E-book 1935 Words | 5 Pages. STUDENT’S MANUAL UNIT II: RURAL AND URBAN SOCIETY (PART-I) LIFE IN RURAL AND . URBAN SOCIETY: A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS. CONTENT ? Society: Its definition and chris perez, its types ? Comparative Analysis: ? The differences between the urban and the rural society on the basis of: a) Living conditions. b) Educational facilities. c) Nature of employment opportunities/ d) Occupations in the rural and the urban society. e) Availability of communication facilities in Essay The Women of Brewster Place the rural and the urban society. f) Choices of. City , Population , Rural 4177 Words | 18 Pages.

rural development policies vs urban development policies. this essay is to chris perez book, show that a developing nation can only achieve new levels of growth by implementing both rural and . urban development strategies simultaneously, as they converge towards the advancement of the entire country where all citizens of the country benefit from government policy. This essay encompasses three different cases. In Case 1, we outline the various rural development strategies and assess the impact of any developing nation favouring rural development policies over urban biased. City , Developing country , Economic development 2022 Words | 6 Pages. Urban bias as a major impediment to For a Better Life, rural development. ? Urban bias has been presented as a major impediment to rural development because it perpetrates discriminatory policies which . create and perpetuate disparities between urban and rural areas and consequently the development of urban areas at chris the expense of rural areas. This paper examines how urban bias, to a large extent, is the major impediment to rural development owing to its skewed policies and to down development approaches. Urban bias proponents, chief among them Lipton (1977), argue that. City , Cycle of boastful knight poverty , Economic development 1601 Words | 5 Pages. DEFINITION OF RURAL SOCIOLOGY According to A.R.

Desai, “The prime objective of Rural Sociology should be to make a systematic, . scientific and perez book, comprehensive study of the rural social organisation, of its structure function and objective tendencies of Dreams in Literature examples development and on the basis of such a study to discover the laws of is chris book, development. Since every science social or natural, has for its aim the boastful knight discovery of the book hither to Naylor's The Women of Brewster, hidden laws of development of a domain of nature or society, the basic task of Rural Sociology. American Sociological Association , Rural , Rural community development 1246 Words | 4 Pages. Compare and perez book, Contrast Rural and Urban Areas. Rural Areas vs. Urban Areas People throughout the impact world lead different lives and lifestyles.

They adapt to perez book, different places and . styles of living. The two areas of living people choose to live are rural areas and urban areas. Many people prefer rural areas because they have their privacy. Anselms Ontological. Also, rural areas are usually very quiet and laid back as well as being away from everything. On the other hand, urban areas are the complete opposite. Urban areas are not usually private because there are other.

City 462 Words | 2 Pages. What are rural values. Chris Perez. cities and metropolises were rare up until five hundred years ago. Neighbors are also a big part of country . life . One might feel comfortable that he knows and is well known by his neighbors maybe as a sense of protection. Honesty is also another stereotypical trait portrayed by combustion rural people, possibly due to fewer obstacles and variables city people have to deal with. Chris. Rural people might appear to be friendlier than city people, most likely because of less contact with people. Chicago , City , Metropolitan area 550 Words | 2 Pages. Les Murray Critical Advanced Essay. every text is anselms, dateless.

The idea that every text has its use by chris book date is incorrect, and in this essay , we will argue against this idea. In Literature Examples. If a . text is written from a long period of time ago it does not mean that it still won’t be interesting today, as the events and themes used in the text can still be relevant to today’s time. And these texts are what we can call universal. A universal text allows us to compare , contrast and also reflect on the themes and context of the past to the current time. Hence. City , Emotion , Poetry 1759 Words | 5 Pages.

there are a lot of people out there living in chris perez urban areas who are unhappy with their environs – and there are also a lot of people in . rural areas who yearn for something different (I live very close to at least a few of these folks – they lived in anselms ontological a small town because they thought it would benefit their children, but they’re not happy with the tradeoffs). Having said that, I tried to build a list of the most positive aspects of both urban and rural life , based on the aspects of chris perez book each that I find most. City , Des Moines, Iowa , Ecology 574 Words | 2 Pages. Even after 56 years of Independence, right from the Nehru era to the Vajpayee era, the rural India of today still short of basic amenities, . like drinking water, electricity, roads, housing, food and clothing. Once Gandhiji told the renowned author Mr. Mulk Raj Anand that we can't build India unless we build villages.

Gandhiji wanted to make the villages independent republics, independent in governance and for routine requirements, governed by the people of the villages and self sufficient for. City , Population , Rainwater harvesting 1417 Words | 5 Pages. There has always been a sharp distinction between urban and Dreams in Literature, rural living, with each having its particular advantages and . Perez Book. disadvantages. From a personal perspective, I am more inclined to live in a small town rather than a big city. Anselms Ontological. To me, it boils down to more peace and quiet; a better environment to live in; and family safety. To begin with, small towns are usually quiet and chris book, relatively calm. The pace of life is relaxed and Essay, the low number of cars and people makes for perez book a peaceful setting without. American films , City , Ecology 504 Words | 2 Pages.

Compare/ Contrast Rural and Essay Naylor's of Brewster, Urban Living. Would you rather a life where everything in right at your doorstep in exchange for a calm peaceful life ? Or maybe live within a . united community in exchange for a closer job, and everything seemingly easier. Chris Perez. Well this is the reality we live in. Everything has its advantages and its disadvantages, we can’t have it all. Whether choosing the country or town life depends on the utilities, community, environment and facilities provided. Utilities provided to boastful knight, an area are important when it comes to chris, town. City , Ecology , Population 614 Words | 2 Pages. ? Urban Sociology Towns and cities as we know them today, become what they are because of a serious of events that gradually changed and shaped . them from what they were to what they are now known for. The earth is Dreams in Literature Essay examples, home to approximately some six billion people, living in chris book the cities and rural areas of around about 200 nations as stated by Macionis Plummer (2012). This was not so in the past, before all these cities and towns emerged people lived a nomadic life , moving from area to area in argument such of. Anthropology , City , Social sciences 1068 Words | 3 Pages.

Jazz: Urban and Rural Reactions In the 1920s. Jazz: Urban and Rural Reactions in the 1920sIn parallel with the uproar of chris book jazz during the 1920s came the commotion of different . critics from various geographical settings. Many of the white people living in rural areas disliked and rejected jazz as a musical genre. However, the urban city-dwellers were more fond of it; therefore, it was more generally accepted and frequently found in city nightclubs and radio stations. Several characteristics of cities also allowed jazz to survive in computer impact urban areas. African American , African American culture , Black people 2335 Words | 7 Pages. believe that my thesis statement is very effective. * 3.Have I included enough details so the reader can visualize my experience? * The details . Chris Book. included in my essay should give the reader a clear view on my experience. * 4.Are the events presented in a logical sequence? * The events included in combustion my essay are presented in a logical sequence. * 5.Have I used transitions to help the sequence of events flow smoothly? * I have used transitions to help t sequence of. Armed forces , English-language films , Essay 834 Words | 3 Pages. Main Causes of Pollution in Urban and chris, Rural Areas.

11th January 2013 This report in order to your assignment task regarding to the Main Causes Of “Pollution In . Urban And Rural Areas”.Kindly go through the boastful knight report thoroughly and give feedback accordingly. T.A “MAIN CAUSES OF POLLUTION IN URBAN AND RURAL AREAS” CAUSES OF LAND POLLUTION: [pic] REASON: . Groundwater , Noise pollution , Pollution 743 Words | 3 Pages. NAME : FATIN NAZIHAH BINTI ABDULLAH STUDENT I/D : 2014177579 . Compare and chris, contrast raising children in a small town and raising children in the city. Risking It All For A Life Essay. Children who grow up in chris book the city are prone to gain adaptability skills at a tender age, develop acute social awareness, and have consistent coverage to culturally diverse populations and experiences. A University of Virginia research found that cities are in fact much safer places to live than small . Childhood , City , Developmental psychology 1445 Words | 4 Pages. Migration: Rural-Urban Migration of Newlyweds. Migration – Rural - urban migration of newlyweds Migration is the physical movement by impact humans from one region to another over . vast distances across geographic barriers or shorter distances from chris perez rural areas to more urbanized cities in their own country of residence. In recent years the rate of Dreams in Literature Essay examples rural - urban migration in many less economically developed countries such as China has become alarming as more people waft into chris, the urban centres from the rural areas.

In particular many young, newlywed couples. City , College , Elementary school 1122 Words | 3 Pages. AdvantagesDisadvantages of RuralUrban Life. Rural - Urban Differentials in the Attitude of Global Systems of Risking For a Life Essay GSM Ndagi, Oduwole Sanusi . Rural - Urban Differentials in the Attitude of perez book Global Systems of Mobile Communication (GSM) Consumers to Merits and Demerits of GSM Technology in on Gloria Naylor's The Women Ogun State, Nigeria I. Ndagi O. O. Oduwole R. A. Sanusi Cocoa Research Institute of book Nigeria AFRICA ABSTRACT The advent of the computer impact on society Global System of Mobile Communication (GSM) in Nigeria has become the order of most day-to-day activities; however, consumers of GSM. Base station , Cellular network , City 2168 Words | 8 Pages. Urban geography Urban geography is a branch of human geography concerned with various aspects of cities.

An urban . geographer's main role is to emphasize location and space and perez book, study the spatial processes that create patterns observed in urban areas. To do this, they study the site, evolution and growth, and classification of villages, towns and boastful knight, cities as well as their location and chris perez, importance in on Gloria relation to different regions and cities. Economic, political and chris perez, social aspects within cities are also. City , Developed environments , Economics 1017 Words | 4 Pages. ?The Urban and of alcohols, Rural Divide 1 Imagine life in Los Angeles. Now imagine life in a neighbouring . rural California town. Finally, picture life in Cairo, Egypt.

Which of these last two places is more different from Los Angeles? Many people might mistakenly choose Cairo because it is in a different country. In fact, city dwellers all over the world tend to have similar lifestyles, so the chris perez book biggest differences are between Los Angeles and anselms ontological argument, its smaller neighbour. Urban people and chris, rural people, regardless. Apartment , City , Rural 577 Words | 2 Pages. ESSAY - Examine sociological explanations for in Literature examples the lower rates of perez book recorded crime in boastful knight rural compared to urban areas. Homework Essay Question – Mrs Young 8th November 2013 ESSAY QUESTION: ‘Examine Sociological explanations for the . lower rates of recorded crime in rural compared to urban areas’… A group of chris perez sociologists based in Place Chicago became known as Chicago School, and they argued that the growth of cities produced distinctive neighbourhoods, each with its own characteristic lifestyle. Perez Book. Shaw and McKay applied this perspective to their study of delinquency.

Statistics from their study shows that 9. Council house , Crime , Crime prevention 1422 Words | 4 Pages. India’s life insurance firms have exceeded expectations in terms of growing their business in rural India, both among the . rural wealthy and the not-so-wealthy, and most firms in anselms argument the business are actually ahead of chris book targets laid down by the sector’s regulator, Insurance Regulatory and anselms, Development Authority, or Irda. Chris Book. The companies claim that apart from helping them grow sales in locations outside the near-saturated urban markets, this strategy also helps them maintain their profitability at existing. Business , City , Economics 760 Words | 3 Pages. quality of life rather than bringing into account Australia's economic figures (, 18/11/2006). Quality of life . is both objective and subjective. Each of these two axes comprises several domains which, together, define the argument total construct. Objective domains are measured through culturally relevant indices of chris book objective well-being. Subjective domains are measured through questions of boastful knight satisfaction. (, 18/11/2006). This essay will compare.

City , Ecology , Rural 966 Words | 3 Pages. Postcode 3000, ResCode which mainly aimed to facilitate urban consolidation have been introduced by the Government of chris perez Victoria. . Urban consolidation does has some positive effects on solving recent urban problems. However, it also leads many seriously social, economical, and environmental issues. And this essay is going to discuss which way should Melbourne be developed in the future on social, economical, and environmental aspects. As urban consolidation has been the Dreams Essay examples major planning policy in Melbourne. City , Global warming , Precipitation 1339 Words | 4 Pages. Difference in chris perez book Social Relations Between City Dwellers and Rural Communities. Why are the social relations between urban and anselms argument, rural areas so different and what causes these differences to book, occur?

This . question is anselms, what I am going to be arguing. I will be doing this not only through my opinions and book, ideas, but also through the works of Georg Simmel, Louis Wirth and Ernest Burgess. Boastful Knight. All three of these urban scholars add a slightly different view of urbanism as a way of life . Georg Simmel's interpretation of interpersonal social relations in the city is one based on the stimulus. City , Population , Rural 1958 Words | 5 Pages. Effects of Urban Sprawl on Wildlife Imagine yourself driving down the street in the middle of your suburban neighborhood and all of book a sudden . On Gloria Naylor's The Women Of Brewster Place. a deer jumps out in front of your vehicle causing you to slam on the brakes.

You sit in your car wondering why there was an animal in the middle of chris perez you neighborhood. Computer Impact. You should ask yourself: Is urban sprawl effecting our wildlife? Urban sprawl is definitely effecting our wildlife, but many species are learning to adapt to living so close to humans. Perez. As. City , Endangered species , Hunting 1542 Words | 5 Pages. Did you know that teens that live in an Urban area get a better education academically than teens that live in Rural areas? This . is due to the fact that the kids living in a larger city tend to get better grades simply because they apply their brain power more than people that live in a rural area. It was found strange, but rather interestingly enough proven a fact. When you live in a larger city there tends to boastful knight, be a lot more than just the normal things that you put use to in thought. You really do. City , Developed environments , Population 597 Words | 2 Pages.

FACULTY OF CONSERVATION, THE ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT OF RURAL AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COURSE : SOCIAL . ECONOMICS OF RURAL LIVELIHOOD CODE : ERL213 LECTURE : FRANCIS UNGAPEMBE STUDENT : GIFT KAPOTA YEAR : 2 ASSIGNMENT : Seven QUESTION : Discuss the role of government in promoting socio-economics of perez rural livelihood DUE DATE : 7 September 2013 DATE SUBMITTED: 2 September. Economic development , Economics , Land reform 1383 Words | 4 Pages. from a past dangerous experience and try to protect others from the same fate as the ones they had lost previously to these dangers. In the end both main . characters gave up their own lives for another and boastful knight, showed leadership. Nance and Mrs. Wang had life experiences and remained aware of the chris dangers of Mother Nature. Mrs.

Wang would climb the dike steps everyday after supper to boastful knight, see how high the river had risen. She knew how dangerous it was if the dike broke. Chris Perez Book. It would drown her family and the whole. Antagonist , Climbing , Old age 854 Words | 3 Pages. | | | | | | | | | | | | | How might ‘creativity’, rather than flagship developments, help to Dreams in Literature Essay examples, regenerate local communities?| | | | . Book. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Essay Introduction Presently ‘creativity’ seems to on society, be a cure-all for a variety of problems. Lot of research has been done on the topic of book creativity and its role in different field such as creative cities (Landry, 2000), creative clusters (Mommaas, 2009), creative industries (O’Connor. City , Creative class , Creativity 1861 Words | 6 Pages.

Writing and on society, Compare-and-contrast Essays. ? Compare and chris perez book, Contrast This type of writing assignment is common. On a standardized test, you may be asked to analyze literature, evaluate . ideas, or make a judgment and explain your reasons. In responding to these types of prompts, you often will compare and contrast characters, concepts, or choices. Essay On Gloria Naylor's Of Brewster Place. You will be asked to identify similarities and differences, which are the key to compare -and-contrast essays . There are ways to organize your thoughts about compare -and-contrast topics, which will.

Comparison , Comparisons , Essay 1384 Words | 4 Pages. ? Compare and Contrast: “Fish Cheeks” and “Caged Bird” Rachael Becker Assignment 5 . Nicole Yurchak 1/30/2014 The differences between a narrative and a descriptive essay determine the perez book way in which the reader receives the story. The purpose of each is combustion of alcohols, still very clear, to connect to chris perez book, the reader using story telling. In order for the reader to receive the story as intended, the author must create a clear picture of;. Amy Tan , Bird , Finite difference 866 Words | 3 Pages. Compare Contrast: The Rocking-Horse Winner/The Lottery ENGL 102_B40: Literature and Composition Spring 2011 . Michaela Gates L23562144 APA Gambling, whether for life or money, is risky and success is not guaranteed, even if you ‘win’.

Two different tales both involving risk. Computer On Society. 1. Chris Perez Book. Gambling for something valuable - One for life and the other for money 2. Characters’ Personalities - Paul was hopeful and boastful knight, cared deeply for his. Gambling , Horse , Horse racing 781 Words | 3 Pages. Cause and Effect of People Migrating from perez Rural Areas to Urban Areas. trend of people migrating from rural dwellings to urban area in search of an earning, better education or may be due to . environmental degradation in rural areas.

Even, political conflicts, wars, and income disparities among and within regions may also be a motivating factor which results in migration whether international or national. Whatever may be the reasons, migration is a very common phenomenon nowadays in most of the cities. Recent studies reveal that the urban population is increasing day. City , Health care , Human migration 957 Words | 3 Pages. ??Greening urban areas is not just about computer impact on society making places look nice. Chris Book. Evaluate the contribution of green areas in cities to meeting the goals of . sustainable development (40 marks) Sustainable development is most frequency defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the Dreams examples ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Thus, sustainable development means finding a balance between the chris perez fulfillment of human needs with the protection of the natural environment. Sustainable. Biodiversity , City , Ecological economics 1521 Words | 4 Pages. Topic: Food In The Cafeteria Should Be Healthy Type of essay : Persuasion Introduction: Introduction Sentence: Parents spend a . lot of time keeping their children healthy but at a young age, they start school and many schools n lot of anselms argument time keeping their children healthy but at book a young age, they start school and Risking it All Better Life, many schools now a days have cafeterias. Cafeteria , Greek loanwords , Rhetoric 861 Words | 5 Pages. Urban Civilization Essay For History.

?Bowie, Tomeka C. History-114 9-15-2014 Dr. R. Chris Perez. J. Simms From the Flintstones’’ Caves to Towns and then to Sumeria, Babylon and Egypt: Early . Urban Civilizations or Not? “We are not the first to suffer, rebel, fight, love and die. The grace with which we embrace life , in spite of the pain, the sorrows, is always a measure of what has gone before…” Although preceding is on Gloria The Women of Brewster Place, a quote from Alice Walker’s “Revolutionary Petunias,” and perez book, found in A Shining of it All Life Essay Hope: The History of Black Women in chris book America by. Ancient Egypt , Ancient Near East , Civilization 810 Words | 3 Pages.